Saturday, December 14, 2013

AIFF 2013: Reel Life's Real Life Director Laurence Relton

I got to see this film several weeks ago just after it won the Audience Award and Best Actor Award at the LA Comedy Film Festival.  It was also the world premiere.  So Anchorage is only the second place to see this film.  Next it goes to the London Short Film Festival in January.  I like that Anchorage gets to see the film before this UK short plays in London.

I particularly liked this one because it uses film to bring attention to the conventions of film - in this case the conventions of romantic comedy.  It also asks the question:  Is reel life better than real life?

Here's Laurence after just arriving in Anchorage talking to me at the Bear Tooth.

Reel Life is one of my favorites.  It subtly and not-so-subtly plays tricks with film conventions for romantic comedies.

It plays today (Saturday, December 14) at 3pm at the Alaska Experience Theater.   as part of the Reel/Real Life Short . 


  1. I'd like to get this film for our film festival Indie Spirit Film Festival held this Oct 17-19. I screened it for BIFF and thought it was very well done and hilariously funny.

  2. Steve, it's a wonderful film. You can contact them through the Reel Life Facebook page. And your comment reminds me I have more video of Laurence Relton talking about his career as a lawyer and film maker, which I never managed to get up. Need to do that.


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