Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Anchorage to Seattle Day 2B: Into Canada, Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

There was road construction between the US Customs station and the Canadian Customs station.  But what an incredible background.

The birch and aspen and other plants were so yellow and golden and even red, that despite clouds it was ‘sunny’ everywhere we looked. 

White River, I think

These are both at Kluane Lake.  Lots of low hanging clouds, some rain, and snow higher up.

The swans are headed south.  We saw maybe a dozen, but this pair was close to the highway at a place where we could stop.  Trumpeters.

As the title says, it was cloudy, but the bright fall colors made it look sunny.  And toward 7:30pm (we lost an hour entering Canada) the sun did come out just past Haines Junction at Paint Rock.  We camped near by at Pine Lake Campground.


  1. Thanks so much for sharing the beautiful photos of this journey! Will you be taking a rest stop at Liard?

  2. Anon, glad you're enjoying them. They don't do the real thing justice. We're not going by Liard - we're going down the Cassier Highway instead. It saves 400 miles and it's beautiful and quieter.

    1. Haven't been on the AlCan for over thirty years, so it's really a treat to see the photos. Maybe, next summer!


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