Monday, August 05, 2013

Send This Video To Your School Board Members And Legislators.

Better yet, find some allies on the board and legislature and get them to play at a meeting. 

It's not the end of the discussion of education, but it is a good beginning. 

This video was consciously created for the medium.  While just listening is ok, watching AND listening is much better.    

I'm a strong supporter of public education, yet also a strong critic of how much education is done.  Kids' natural curiosity should be tapped and learning should be fun.  Kids shouldn't be forced to sit still when their bodies are jumpy.  Kids should be allowed to lead with their natural abilities and the activities that are hard for a particular kid should be pursued when the kid needs to know that knowledge/skill to answer the questions the kid has.

Too much schooling these days is for kids who have an aptitude for a particular kind of rational/logical thinking, are comfortable with reading, and can concentrate for a while on a topic.  School worked for me because I had those skills.  But for too many kids, who have other natural skills, this focus means they are told over and over again that they are dumb.  Until they believe it.  School becomes torture.

This video says all those things well. 

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