Friday, January 04, 2013

Almost 65,000 Alaskans Have Already Applied For Their Permanent Fund Dividend Checks

It's only January 4, 2012.  The fourth day that Alaskans can apply for their 2012 Permanent Fund Checks. 

That's a little less than 10% of Alaska's residents signed up in less than four days.  Part of the population doesn't procrastinate when it comes to free money from the state.  I wonder who many will sign up during the last four days? 

The oil money that keeps Alaska thriving is one of the reasons that most people - not immediately affected - are relatively complacent about the Kulluk resting in the surf off Kodiak.  Personally (through the PFD and those working for oil related businesses or state jobs funded by oil revenues) and collectively (through oil revenues paying covering most of our state revenues) all Alaskans have a financial stake in those oil dollars.   

Some older posts on different aspects of the Alaska Permanent Fund are here.

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