Friday, February 03, 2012

Taking Back The Word Liberal

Gryphen has this poster and video up at Immoral Morality and they're important enough for people to see that I'm reposting them..  It's Lawrence O'Donnell answering the question about whether the words on this poster appearing across the internet about the meaning of 'liberal' are really his.

The ad is short, turn off the sound if it bothers you, but listen to the video.
There's an important point in the video which doesn't show up in the poster. Some of the items - like the Clean Air Act - were passed under Republicans, and the response by Jimmy Smits is, "Yes, a liberal Republican. What happened to them?" It's a point I keep making - the whole country has moved so far to the right in the last 30 years that Republicans like Richard Nixon would be considered far left today.


  1. Well, in Hungary at this moment liberalism, social democracy are like cursing words. íi don't think I would ever vote for a liberal party but I still find it unfortunate.

  2. By the way Alan Alda is a great actor I think. He acted President as well in Canadian Bacon. I loved that movie.


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