Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Parrots and Pantries

Sunday an old friend and her husband picked me up and we got to talk a bit.  But we past a small be screechy park and they pulled over and said, "The Parrots."  These were the parrots of Telegraph Hill.

I haven't seen the film about them, but here's what "the Parrot Man" says about it on his blog:

Most people who've seen The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill agree that it's not quite like any other film, and seldom what people expect it to be. Most anticipate a nature documentary about some birds. Then it goes someplace else entirely. One of the most common types of e-mail that I receive is from some guy who was made to watch the film against his will and then ended up transfixed—and moved. Few people can ever say what the film is about exactly. Or even what kind of film it is. Is it a documentary? Judy thinks it is because she thinks of herself as a documentary filmmaker. I think of it as a poem, because, like a poem, it has many different levels.

How do friends and visitors know what's in your kitchen cabinets when they want to help you set the table or put away the dirty [clean] dishes.  My son and some of his friends have labeled them.  But then there was a request for something more visual.  They've got something, but I thought actual photos would be even better.  Like this one.

We're at the airport ready to go back to LA.  I'm ready to go back to Anchorage actually.  But the weather has been delightful here in San Francisco - just on that edge between a jacket or not.  Cool in the shade or wind, but warm in the sun.  I'll get this up and try to catch up later.

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