Thursday, January 19, 2012

UAA Provost Michael Driscoll - New Indiana University of Pennsylvannia Presdient

Pennlive reports:
Driscoll - Image from Pennlive

University of Alaska provost and executive vice chancellor Michael Driscoll, 50, was hired by the system's board of governors to succeed David Werner, who has served as interim president since August 2010.
Driscoll will start on July 1 at a salary of $275,000, which will be the highest salary of the 14 presidents working at system schools.

I noticed this morning a lot of google searches for "Michael Driscoll University of Alaska" going to a post about the UAA Faculty Senate meeting with President Gamble in which Driscoll is mentioned. So I googled him myself to discover his new appointment which had been posted 45 minutes earlier at Pennlive.  The story begins by saying that as proof that they did a nationwide search, they got their new president from as far away as Alaska.

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