Thursday, September 08, 2011

Is The 1911 Fur Seal Treaty Relevant Today? A Dozen Meet at UAA - Public Presentation Tonight

Clark Wolf
UAA philosophy professor Raymond Anthony has put together an intimate conference of philosophers at UAA today and tomorrow with the help of a National Science Foundation grant.  I've been sitting in today and the discussions - focused on environmental ethics - have been fascinating.  Clark Wolf of Iowa State discussed intergenerational ethics of climate change, relating Michele Bachman's concern (voiced in his home town recently) about the financial debt the US is piling on the next generation to the environmental harm we're bequeathing them.  He also looked at principles articulated in a 1911 Fur Seal treaty which stopped the high seas slaughter of fur seals.

Professor Paul Thompson of Michigan State University examined biofuels.

All the professors listen to all their colleagues presentations and discuss them.  They'll continue tomorrow, but tonight. . .

 these two professors plus Professors Bryan Norton of Georgia Institute of Technology and Chrisoula Andreou of the University of Utah will speak at a public discussion tonight at UAA.

UAA Consortium Library 307
Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm hoping to post more on the conference, but thought I'd get this up for anyone who can take advantage of coming to hear these folks tonight. 

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