Monday, December 06, 2010

AIFF 2010: Day 3 is Over, I'm Exhausted

I was feeling guilty that I hadn't packaged the animated films in competition into a neat post. But I went to see the 1pm "Cool Animation for All Ages" program at Out North Sunday. It was great not having any idea what was coming up, what was supposed to be good, and being able to just enjoying the great imaginations of the animators. Not everything was great, but every film had something of interest. 

I got there late and knew it would be crowded by all the cars parked on the street. 

The top one below was called Tmelines, and took the literal lines on the woman's face and drew pictures of - the parents' deaths, raising kids - the things that put the wrinkles on the face.  

And then there was one that was my clear favorite - a perfect mesh of animation style and story that surprised me with great twists in its short run time. Toothnapped!  It's middle right - but that's not a good representation of that film (or any of the others.)

I also liked Not Over Easy - the egg image.  I didn't catch the pun until I watched the movie.  (It's about breaking up AND eggs.)

 Taking care of aging parents came up two or three times.  A few examined couples learning to negotiate with each other.  Two took place in prison. 

I stayed for the workshop on "Cinema of Poverty" which was about how some huge number of features are made each year - say about 12,000 - of which a tiny fraction will have theatrical release, and maybe 20 will break even or make money.  (I could be distorting the numbers a bit, but you get the idea.)  Erik Knudsen, the workshop leader, was saying the film makers shouldn't lust after big bucks, but be creative and work within the budget restraints.

And there were these two bikes there, and another one at the actual bike racks. 

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