Tuesday, November 02, 2010

OK Alaska, Winter is Here, Go Show The World We Woke Up

 The ADN tells us today what we all suspected:

A particularly warm and dry October made the month feel more like September than normal.

The average temperature was 37.7 degrees, well above the normal of 34.1 -- but a bit under last year's even-warmer average of 40.4. \
This was the second consecutive year without snowfall in the Anchorage Bowl on Halloween. Fourteen years ago, a big snowfall of more than 14 inches began Oct.
But after the the watercolor sunset last night, it started snowing.  It's still a bit anemic, but the dream we've been living in, that winter wasn't serious this year, is over.  And we should also wake up from the dreams of tea parties and write-in candidates and show the world that sanity does exist in this remote outpost of the United States. 

I'll be poll watching for part of the day.  Meanwhile, those of you who didn't vote early, go out and show the world there's more to Alaska politically than Sarah Palin. 


  1. I've never commented but I have to tell you that I love your blog and I always find so much well-researched and fascinating info here. My partner and I discussed your previous entry regarding the different types of intelligence for perhaps an hour last night. Thanks for writing!

  2. We're watching from London... Please, please surprise us!


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