Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daily Kos See Comments on Halcro Blog Suggesting Miller is Playing Games with his Taxes

There may be a good explanation for this - like for the East German comments and for having a posse to handcuff aggressive reporters.  But it also might explain why Miller doesn't want people looking at his Fairbanks personnel files. 

A friend sent me to this Daily Kos post, but it comes from Andrew Halcro's blog, and Progressive Alaska  is also connected.

Basically the story, based on review of Miller's campaign disclosure information, says that he's valued his Fairbanks office, which he owns, at $50,000 to $100,000.  He also pays himself rent for the same amount according to the disclosure forms (posted at the link.)  But, Fairbanks assesses the value of the office at only about $25,000.

He also lists his income as an attorney at about $59,000.  So, after paying rent of $50,000, his earned income would only be $9,000.  So, by paying himself rent higher than the value of buying the property outright, the post suggests that he's moving his income from earned income subject to payroll tax to unearned income, not subject to that tax. 

We'll see how this turns out.  But it shows the power of blogs.   Lots of people give each other ideas and can check on lots of things AND they have a place to put their thoughts where others can see them and follow up.  Not like the old days when if it didn't get into the daily newspaper or tv news, there weren't any outlets to get the news out.  


  1. Well, we all know how incompetent those TV reporters are anyhow, they probably wouldn't know what to do with the information if it was presented to them on a silver platter.

    Now if some bloggers could just wrap their heads around the concept of verifying sources instead of publishing rumors.

  2. If we still had 2 newspapers and some competition, there would be better news. As it is, one paper contols the information let out and those in power can control what "nuggets" of information are passed or not passed along more easily.

  3. Anon, I'm not sure what you are referring to. I don't mention any tv reporters, and don't know that this post should be called rumors. Someone has found questionable data in Joe Miller's filings. It is reasonable to be asking for an explanation.

    And I start out by saying there may be a good explanation for this.

    If this is just a misreading of the data, Joe Miller's campaign should be able to explain it easily.

  4. Steve, you know the damage a gossip fence can do. You appreciate that so I followed what I sensed was a breaking story in 'bordergate' on your site. Good work.

    I respect trained journalism and admit its short-comings as commercial product. Video clips, used as you did, bring readers to first impression of what can become established news. Bloggers jump the 'news-tip' role still reserved to the general public by journalists.

    As with your tip, that can be good. Yet I still wait for the printed word of vetted, professional reporting for my 'first draft of history'. And then I find another professional source to gain another perspective.

    Thanks for your work, but please don't forget as the rational and the rabid work to throw light on Joe, Alaska is left with an ever-more-frightened former centrist in Sen. Murkowski, smiling through tea-stained position statements.

    Is there some other candidate?


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