Friday, June 18, 2010

While We Watch the Oil, Let's Not Forget the Fish

A critical issue in Alaska and the rest of the world is the health of the ocean and the creatures that depend on the ocean. 

 Groundswell Fisheries Movement  is run by long time fisheries participant/experts.  Here's what they say about themselves: 

Fisheries activists bring you the latest fish tales from Kodiak Island in the Gulf of Alaska…and statewide fisheries politics.  This site is designed to post up archived FISH POLITICS AND POLICY articles of the GROUNDSWELL FISHERIES MOVEMENT, primarily by its founder, Stephen Taufen and key players such as Victor Smith, Shawn Dochtermann, Ray Metcalfe and others.  The site will feature former articles, Op-Ed pieces published in “The Fishermen’s News” under the BONSAI BUCCANEERS IN THE FISH REPUBLIC OF ALASKA series, and other industry media; as well as new perspectives. 

Book mark it.  Or look for new posts on my Alaska blogroll in the right side column.


  1. It is a great site and filled with much needed information that ALL coastal residents must read up on!!!
    Concerned Too

  2. Well, yes, it is crucial to maintain good living condition for sea and ocean creatures, despite the fact that I don't eat fish and mariscos (I don't know the collective name of sea creatures in English only in Spanish and Hungarian).

  3. Ropi - the word is 'seafood.' Not too exciting.


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