Saturday, July 25, 2009

Health Care Reform Rally

Then we wandered down the parkstrip to the Health Care Reform Rally. By old time standards, the 100 or so souls out in the rain - it started after the official end of the Governor's picnic, though there were still lots of people in line for food still - would have been a respectable crowd demonstrating about anything. But the standards have changed since last year's nomination of Palin for VP, and so this seemed like a pretty modest turnout. And it was impossible, in my too, too human brain, not to compare it to the crowds of people at the Governor's picnic. Sure, that was a long planned event, with different government agencies, different community entertainment groups, and free food. And an appearance by the best known governor in the US on her second-to-the-last-day of being governor. And the rally was hastily called. But when two things are right next to each other, most of us just can't help but compare.

There was food here too, but decidedly more up-scale, new agey food - salmon wraps and organic salads - and it definitely was not free!

While I was getting this picture, a women came up.

Woman: "Who's being killed?"
The sign holder: (some large number)are dying because they don't have insurance or other access to health care.
Woman: How do you know?
SH: Reading and informing myself.
Woman: Do you believe everything you read? The Media wants you to believe this.
Steve: [I couldn't help myself at this point] I beg your pardon. Why would 'the media' want national health care?
Woman: Because they want socialism.
Steve: Rupert Murdoch is a socialist?
Woman: Of course. [I had the impression she didn't know who Murdoch was]

If I'd been thinking I'd have turned on the video, but it was too depressing.

I couldn't help but think how 'both sides' [I know, I know, there aren't just two sides, there are lots of different positions and we're conditioned by the socialist media - do I really need an irony sign here? - which puts everything into an either/or structure] are skeptical of the media (when it presents something they disagree with) and challenge the US government (for programs they oppose.) But they believe the most fantastical things if it seems to support their belief system and they are completely supportive of government programs that support their ideology. The conservatives seem to have managed to get the upper hand in this propaganda war. While liberals tend to support and oppose the government at different times, conservatives seem to have positioned themselves so they support the USA but oppose government in general. They pulled off a neat marketing and semantic trick there.

This was a pediatrician explaining her problems with the current health care systems.


  1. Do people realize that it was Walter Cronkite who helped bring attention to the attrocities of the Vietnam War? There was some bad stuff thet the US was doing and conservatives tried to keep it going.

    I am bothered withboth sides repeatingt he same things. They don't bother to do research on ideas or even look in a thesaurus to come up with saying new ways of saying the same thing.

    Perhaps we should make Congress have the same health care plan as the average person in the country gets and see how fast health care improves.

  2. Oh dear, and I didn't spell check or use my space bar.

  3. So sad. In the states, with insurance that didn't cover visual or dental, I was never informed of eye surgery I should have had to correct my deteriorating vision. Here, the docs were mildly annoyed to learn I had never had this diagnosis. I didn't even know I could do something about it. Insurance works that way, even with doctors, when they know your insurance doesn't cover it.

    I could tell you more stories just like this one about friends' experiences in the states.

    Here in London, I'm set up for the evaluation and surgery later this year. Yes, I do have to queue for this, and I'll wait. It's no cost and the reputation of the clinic is world class.

    It is possible to have health care available to all. It's a matter of will and equality.

  4. Here we have a card which makes basic healthcare services free for you. For example the visits of the regional doctor and if you are financially obstacled you have "discounts on medicines and on non-free services. However our healthcare is criticised (if it would be perfect someone would criticise either). A lot money is being escaped from hospitals.

    I would also advise an education reform as well, because I don't find it too well, that in the "greatest" country of the world (according to Americans) where there is internet, tv, radio, students or even adults still think the Soviet Union exists. I don't expect them to be smart, because who am I to do so but according to my experiences and what I read on the net, the general knowledge of Americans are quite low. You can see some comedies (or not) on Youtube about it.

    Finally I advise to change the constitution in ourder to let non-American borns to be US president. It is quite discriminative, because the fact that you were born within the borders of the US doesn't make you superior. Don't worry. I am not planning to be US President. :)


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