Saturday, July 25, 2009

Alaska Governor's Picnic Anchorage

The Governor's picnic in Anchorage today was well attended. These annual events have generally been non-partisan events in the past and I didn't quiz people about their affiliations or reasons for being there. And we didn't get there until the governor had already left. Not intentionally. We had friends of the kids over for brunch, so we got started late.

There were several government agencies prominently present, including the FBI, which had equipment available to test and a crime lab demonstration.

Some people clearly supported our governor.

Including the owner of the 55 Chevy in the old car display.

A LOT of people were there to eat. There were looong lines of people waiting for food/ You had to be a real Palin fan or very hungry or very patient to wait this long for a free hot dog or hamburger. But I didn't hear anyone grumbling about the lines.

And there was plenty for the kids to do. With the blogging discussions we've had about pictures of kids, I decided to try just blurring any faces that might be clearly identifiable.

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