Thursday, August 09, 2007

What's Blooming?

I haven't been tending the garden nearly as well as I intended this summer, nor have I kept up with the pictures. Here are a few things that are blooming now.



Not sure the exact name, but this is a great dwarf delphinium.

This fox glove came from deep in the woods, maybe ten years ago and is thriving.

The raspberries, always prolific, this year just have a pitiful crop. Not sure what happened but there are only a few stalks from last year that seemed to have survived. I'm hoping this year's new shoots will do better.

And a closeup of a naster[t]ium. [Someone googled 'nasterium' and got here. If I had spelled it right, the person wouldn't have gotten here. But it is 'nastertium."]
This close up shot makes it hard to reconize the Veronica.


  1. Now you are talking sorry photographing my language excellent pix.

    Could lack of bee pollination be the problem with the rasps in other words was there a lot of rain when the flowers needed pollinated.

    I have it on good authority that if all the bees became extinct that six years after that the human race would also die out such it the importance off bee pollination to our crops!

    I also have a soft spot for the humble (not bumble although they are included) bee!

  2. Mirk, This does need some translation. Did you leave out some words? 'sorry photographing' doesn't match 'excellent pix'. And I don't know what "my language" has to do with the sentence, but I do know what it has to do with my confusion. :)

    There was recently an interesting article on bees in Alaska. They do very well here, but honey bees are imported every summer by bee keepers. It didn't talk about the wild bees as I recall. I assume they have figured a way to over winter. Otherwise they must fly on up. But there is an abundance of wild flowers so they aren't having the problems they have elsewhere. Here's the
    But that wasn't the raspberry problem. Most of the second year stalks didn't come back We did have some very cold weather this past winter. (Fortunately that was when we were in India -November- and Thailand - Feb/March). But we forgot to take the Raspberries with us.


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