Saturday, July 14, 2007

Ready to Impeach - House Resolution 333

My son is back in the T-shirt business. He designed a T-shirt when he was headed to Denmark to work several years ago. As an American in Europe, he wanted to make it clear that he hadn't voted for G W Bush. He had it made through CafePress and other people could buy it. Proceeds, if any, were going to Doctors without Borders. He sold a few T-shirts after a few months, but then some conservative blog blasted him as a traitor and sales suddenly took off. Cafepress grossed around $45,000 from that and Doctors without Borders got several thousand out of it too.

So now he's back in business. This time with this:

He and a friend are making 20 different T-shirts and each shirt covers a different set of states with the names and phone numbers of the members of Congress in those states. California and New York had to be divided into two because there were two many members of Congress to fit. You can find details at
The back of the T-shirt has the beginning of Dennis Kucinich's House Resolution to impeach Vice-President Cheney.

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  1. Ah a son with style!! Good to see sales took off still the land off the free then?


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